31 October 2012

This just in

Whoa, wait a minute. Who said anything about gay marriage? What I am proposing is opposite-sexual-orientation marriage.  And I propose it because it already exists and has for centuries. Either to hide their sexual orientation, to produce children, to take advantage of the socio-politico-economic advantages of marriage, or just because it was what was expected of them, gay men and women have been marrying straight people since recorded history.

Same-sex marriage does not open the door for these "abuses" of marriage. The door, if there ever was one, was wrenched off its hinges and splintered into a billion pieces by opposite-sex marriage long ago. If these are "abuses" of marriage, then they are abuses that are irrespective of the gender and sexuality of those involved.  They seem, to me, more like "reasons" and they are reasons that already exist. Security. Companionship. Working together to make the world a better place for yourself and others.


Ryan McNeely said...

I am not understanding the leap to you getting something from the government, do they mean the Canadian government. I am confused on the leap, plus I think you have to be a resident of Canada for 30 days consecutively to get a divorce if you are married in Canada.

Matt Bennett said...

You make a good point, Ryan. Since the American federal government doesn't recognize them, people in same-sex marriages or unions do not enjoy any of the federal benefits of marriage. What are those benefits that same-sex partners are being denied in the U.S.? Check them out here: