02 November 2012

A Day at the Movies

I am reminded of a day, when I was about 20 years old, that my church young adult group at that time had a Day at the Movies. We, as a group, spent the whole day at a second-run theater in Louisville, watching four different films. It was an incredible experience. I don't even remember the movies except for the last one, Madonna: Truth or Dare. Yep. A church group field trip and we're watching Madonna simulate oral sex on a bottle. No wonder my views on religion are so fucked up.

Will cinema and the whole social film-viewing experience survive the threat of interactive and social media? The advent of television took a huge bite out of the film audience. How much is left? And will we even want to see what remains? Visit your cinema before it's dead. Even the chains are not immortal:


AMC buys Loews. A Chinese firm buys AMC:


"More so, we are enthusiastic about combining AMC’s leadership in the U.S. with Wanda’s leadership in China, the world’s fastest-growing market."

Never mind their human and civil rights abuses. Let's eat some popcorn. While watching a film set in the world's fastest-growing market. Again and again.





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Matt Bennett said...

I've been really inspired lately by the participatory art of Miranda July.