17 January 2013

soundtrack series

An archive that even Derrida would become feverish over.

I have begun to archive my series of soundtrack Facebook posts to Pinterest. These consist of a link to a music video on YouTube and a brief caption, generally in the same format each time: "Tonight's -blank- soundtrack" or "Today's -blank- soundtrack." The -blank- is whatever I am doing, thinking, or feeling at that moment.

I considered just building a YouTube playlist out of them and sharing it; but, the source material is from YouTube, and the channel of distribution is Facebook, so I feel strongly that the means of archival must be some other outlet of social media. Pinterest has generally been used to collect still images from the Web, so using it to "pin" video is in keeping with my interest in misusing social media. As I archive each soundtrack post, I delete the original from Facebook with all of its comments, defying Facebook's inborn archival characteristics and supporting my virtual enlightenment project.

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